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The Natural Decay of a Country of Warriors

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With the recent natural disasters that have occurred in the Philippines, it would seem that Philippines and its people will no longer move with the world.

Filipinos do not have a past. According to our history books that is taught all over the world (even the Philippines) our history does not start until the invasion of the Spaniards. And with the start of the invasion of the Spanish, Philippines never truly gained independence. They are ruled from then to now.

Our past before the Spaniards are very few and have at this point been forgotten. Our grandparents were our only source of information of the numerous tribes that lived many years ago. And the tribes we currently know of are those that the Spaniards have found and have conquered. Even the colleges in Philippines teach the American history of the Philippines and not its true history. No talk about tribes, culture and way of living is taught in the Philippines. What we are taught is how to live like Americans. We hear of great leaders who topple the corrupt. But again what did they truly stand for? I’ll tell you. They stood to become an independent nation. What Philippines is, is currently is not that.

People forget that everyone has used Philippines for their own reasons and we as Filipinos have gained from that. The Spanish gave us our religion, the Japanese gave us military power and the Americans gave us hope. Filipinos are still slaves and until the whole country understands that, it will not move. Our shackles from many years ago did not disappear, it has merely changed owners. And that owner is currently America.

In no way am I saying that America should be blamed for this. Not at all. I blame the weak minded and idiotic people of the Philippines. As they ignore this and achieve the life goals of an American while living in a country that is below the life standards of Brazil. Filipinos buy cellphones while living in tin houses; they buy brand name fashion accessories while having no money for food. Our way of thinking is the worst. And why is this? Because we believe that the American way is the best way. Although it would be if the conditions of living was the same, but it is not.

I have lived many years there and I have grown to hate my own country because of this. The leaders of the country do nothing but make this worse. They are corrupt; more so than the corrupt government officials of the U.S. When people ask me why I am not proud of being Filipino, I reply to them: “Why would I be proud of a country led by the corrupt and people who choose to become something else rather than themselves?”. This may be harsh but this is the truth. Our congressman is a famous boxer who can barely speak English and knows nothing of how government works and yet people are proud of this.

We have decayed. We were a country of Warriors who fought for our ideals and defended our way of life and kept at it even though we were shackled by other customs. And now here we are in the 20th century. Following ways that would only destroy our country.

To those who are giving the Philippine government aid to those who have been hurt by the natural disasters, here is a warning for you. Regardless if you are doing it for good; that money will not go where you think it will. It will go to the ipods, iphones and designer bags of the victims, it will become money for government officials to bet on a boxing match where a certain congressman fights. That money will not do any good for the people of the Philippines.

The Philippines were bombarded with natural disasters numerous times and yet they have not done anything to stop, prevent or reduce the casualties if a natural disaster occurs again. In the example of learning from pain in which a child who is burned by the stove will learn not to touch the stove again because the body remembers the pain; Philippines does not learn. Hurricanes, Typhoons and Droughts are natural occurrences in the Philippines yet there are no counter measures against it when they come. Instead the money that Filipinos get are spent on materialistic goods that become obsolete in a few years.

We were warriors. Now what are we?


One thought on “The Natural Decay of a Country of Warriors

  1. I don’t think there is much hope for America…

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