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Nyaa DOWN again…

Nyaa is yet again down.

Whoever these people that are DDoSing these anime sites are honestly just hurting the companies that license and release anime officially.

Think about it. Who will the fans blame when Nyaa and other anime sites (even fan sites) go down? They will look at the ones that would benefit from them; Crunchyroll, Funimation and other anime companies.

People would argue that pirating is bad and we shouldn’t do it. And I agree if you made that as vague as possible. I am an avid anime watcher and buyer. I buy box sets, I buy figurines, I buy plastic models BUT I WILL NEVER PAY FOR HALF-ASSED WORK. I’m looking at you Crunchyroll and Funimation. Crunchyroll has the “HD” episodes behind a pay wall and honestly that’s smart and good. It gives the idea that you can watch for free and watch it in Standard Definition but with a small monthly fee you can watch it in “High Definition”. The problem is that their idea of “HD” is less than 720p. Where 720p is barely even HD in our current generation. Then guess what, what are the fansubbed animes released as? 420p, 720p and 1080p. Basically every episode that gets released by a fansub is either DVD quality or Blue Ray quality. What Crunchyroll and Funimation produce are literally TV versions that have below sub-par subtitles for those who want to listen to Japanese audio. BELOW SUB-PAR. That is inexcusable!!

I was one of those people who paid for Crunchyroll and I felt I was scammed. Even though my knowledge of the Japanese language is at the Elementary level I can spot multiple grammar and mistranslations in about 100% of the shows I watched when I paid for their services. So I did the logical thing. I stopped my subscription, started to watch fansubs (again) and when the shows were released in DVD or Blu Ray format I bought the box sets.

To use an example for how idiotic it is to justify paying for Crunchyroll and Funimation (Funimation also produces below sub par translations and quality); I would like to use an apple tree.

Imagine that in a city there is only one apple tree. A family has monopolized this tree and charge 5 dollars for 1 apple. At first people loved the apples but as time passed the quality of the apples deteriorated but the price stayed the same. So now for 5 dollars you get 1 rotten apple. Some people decide that this isn’t right and with the seeds of the rotten apples they grew their own apple tree. And they gave away the apples for free. The apples were healthier than the rotten apples and so it became more popular. But when the family found out that less people started buying their apples, instead of trying to fix the quality of their apples to sell to their customers they instead cut down and burned the free apple tree. You would think that people would buy rotten apples now since there are no more fresh apples right? But no, since people now know the difference in quality then only those completely desperate for apples would buy rotten ones. The rest will continue to produce high quality apples no matter how many times their apple tree gets cut down.

In this same case, until companies can release high quality anime in the same way that fansubs do when they are released then viewers will most likely side with fansubs and will only buy DVD and Blu-Ray boxes after.

The industry calls fansubs piracy but I see it as competition. With competition in the industry you get better products. The only problem is that we don’t get better products because anime licensing companies believe that what they are doing is right and we need to tell them NO! The standard for quality has stayed the same because companies do not understand that people will side with the ones that give the best deals and accurate quality in their products. In my opinion, I have noticed that companies do not change with the times. Instead of going with the flow they fight against the current thinking that old ways can work with a new and changing world. The anime industry are cutting down our apple trees to justify giving us rotten apples and I for one will not tolerate it.

You want buyers and viewers to support your company? Then release a product that is either as good as the fansubs or even greater.