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My Problem with Religion

Nothing in this world pisses me off more than religion. Not just any religion but Christianity and all the spin-offs that came from it.

I used to be a Catholic; a devout Catholic too. Reading phrases of the bible daily that are given to us from school, praying every morning and every night, and going to church every Sunday. And you know what that taught me? That Catholicism and Christianity is a form of power that is as barbaric as ruling over people through fear and power.

I started to stray from the Catholic path very late. It was not until college that I started to question everything that I have done. It was when I was free the grasp of the church that I truly felt free and was able to understand most things. Before I never read the bible as a whole; not even a book of it. Because as a child and until as a teenager it seemed that Sunday school only read phrases or specific sentences from the Bible to teach children. So I took it upon myself to read and do research on the Bible. Throughout my college years I argued for religion and against it trying to understand both sides and to see which one was truly correct. And as my knowledge grew on the subject, I now believe that religion is good but the institution that is preaching it is bad.

The Bible is a book with other books that tell the story of the interactions of God with human beings. It is not just one solid book. It is a collection of stories that were passed down by word of mouth and some being actual texts that were of that era. Yet the churches that preach it on those Sunday masses make you believe that it is the spirit that wrote it. Word for word it is the will of God that was written on the Bible. That is what they would make you believe. When the actual case is that there are a group of scholars in the Vatican who review numerous old texts from normal citizens who sometimes did not even have any correlation with God or Jesus Christ, to include in the newer versions of the bible. So already the institution that is “teaching” the masses how to do and be good is committing a sin by lying.

The Bible can be split into two if not three parts. The Old Testament, The New Testament, and Revelations. In The Old Testament God had created everything. Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve so I won’t dote on it. But in The Old Testament, in order for humans to be able to reach heaven they had to follow the word of God. To do so God specifically chose ONE person to do his bidding and in doing so that ONE person will gain rewards such as lands, bearing more children, or becoming a king and be able to reach heaven. To do so God creates a covenant with a person. Which means that the person must obey the word of God and if he fails to do so or goes against it that ONE person will be punished and the rewards would disappear. In order to spread the word of God he created a tablet with God’s rules and called it the Body of God. And it was ordered to be placed in a temple where it is to be read to the people every year and is to be protected. The temple that it was housed in was called The House of God. (So if we were to change that to the current era, the priests believe that the word of god is the Bible and churches are the Houses of God; this is a problem that I will talk about later). In the seven covenants, six are in The Old Testament. Three of those covenants had the rewards given regardless of the outcome but in all six of those covenants, Men disobeyed. Because of the nature of human beings being selfish, the power they received from God made them mad with power. Even to a point that they started to institutionalize the one House of God into multiple ones and started to preach their own views in those temples. Corrupting the word, body and the house of God with selfish views (Seems familiar with the current Churches). Many people even wished to be bishops because of the power and not because of faith.

Then came The New Testament which was the coming and going of Jesus Christ, the son of God. His actions were meant to help God forgive us human beings of our selfish behavior and for going against God’s word. Everyone knows about Jesus but it would seem that the churches do not talk about how Jesus went against the temples (which in the current era are actually the Churches). The priests talk of those who went against Jesus to protect their views but it always felt like they were making them much more evil than they should be. Jesus went around temples preaching the word of God and had stated that the bishops were twisting the word of God in order to gain power and money from it. Of course the bishops and the institutions were angry which led to the known story of Jesus Christ. But what Jesus had said can be said about the current institution of Christian religion and the fact that there are multiple versions of it. In the end Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save all human beings. In doing so we all had a choice, be part of The New Covenant and receive passage to heaven by following the word of Jesus, or believe in The Old Testament and the old rules set by human beings called bishops and have no way of reaching heaven. The current churches would lead you to believe that you are currently in a covenant with Jesus but I don’t think so.

In order to be in the Covenant of Jesus people must follow the word of Jesus and also live it. Taking in the lessons that he has taught and using it. And to abide by The Old Covenant means to follow the old ideas set upon by the humans who corrupted the word of God. In the beginning of the New Testament and even going through its later years after Jesus had ascended there were no churches, no temples, nowhere where man was told to go to to pray. Instead Jesus had made it so that he is the temple (church) and since he had ascended to heaven the church is above and is present everywhere. If we were to pray we would be able to pray anywhere. His actions made it so that there would no longer be no need for temples (churches). It was not until Paul had journeyed and his word traveling to numerous other countries that churches started sprouting again. It was mankind who created them again and for what? The churches back then were meant for teaching, true, but it also gave those who taught, power.

To close this long rant, I believe that Jesus has saved us; but what has made us fall from grace are the human beings who wish to not let go of their power on everyone. I am of course talking about churches. If they were to truly teach the things written on the bible then they would all understand that what they are doing is reverting and undoing the good things that Jesus has done for us. And another insight on the current traditions of churches is that the current traditions come from CHANGING the policies and views of what Jesus had said in order to gain more followers (or in other words “power”). We do not even celebrate the true birthday of Jesus Christ and yet the churches are completely okay with slandering and creating fake holidays in order to get more power and followers. Think about it this way, when and if you decide to go back to a church who are you listening to? Whose views are they passing on? The answer to that is not Jesus or God; the answer is the priest. A priest will not state what Jesus said is good. A priest will use Jesus’ statement that is good to either vilify or justify something else that they believe is good. Also according to the Bible we are born into the Covenant of Jesus Christ. It is also stated that we can only be in one covenant in our lifetime but we can always revert back to the Old Covenant or be part of the New Covenant. The Church teaches you Old ways and in this case we start to create a covenant not with Jesus but with Man (the priest). We do not believe in the word of the Jesus instead we believe in the word of the Priest and this brings us back to carrying the original sin and my argument that Churches are evil. If a church were truly for the good of people then they would disband themselves after understanding what the Bible is trying to say.